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Literature Term Paper

  • Adam in Milton's Paradise Lost .

This graduate paper analyzes Adam in Milton's "Paradise Lost", taking care to explain his structural and/or thematic function in the work as a whole. The paper  according to the writers from biography writing services draws on a variety of scholarly secondary sources as well. 

  • Addressing Gender Issues in Woolfs A Room of Ones Own

This paper provides a response to the issues of gender presented in Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own." In this essay, reasons are given which support Woolf's argument that a woman needs a room of her own and funds to become a successful writer. Points taken from Woolf's original essay are drawn upon to support this argument. A brief, solid synopsis of Woolf's perspective.

  • Adolescent Literature.

In this paper to write my essay online a writer examines the manner in which a key event and its impact on the protagonist is a common literary device in adolescent fiction. In each novel--Seedfolks (1997) by Paul Fleischman, Monster (1999) by Walter Dean Meyers and Make Lemonade (1993) by Virginia Euwer Wolff--the key event or obstacle for the protagonist is identified and its consequences are explored. 

  • Aeneid and the Illiad: Epics.

This is a paper that traces the significance and comparative structure of the work of Homer and Virgil as presented in the epics Aeneid and the Illiad.

  • Aeneid: Aeneas the Hero.

The classic hero is a person who leaves the world of the familiar, journeys to a mystical place, is changed for the better, and returns to his home with a new ability to help his people. Aeneas fits this bill. Heroism, victory, and leadership are, indeed, unique but not unrelated literary concepts. They have been long defined originally within the ancient Greek works. Ultimately, that which defines heroism in the literary context is a journey that takes the hero away from society, transforms him while on the journey, and a triumphant return to impart new knowledge upon the community. Victory is clearly defined as an achieved domination of one party by the other - but true victory is much harder to define and more commonly achieved by isolating a set of parameters necessary to be met before victory can be achieved - often that victory comes at a cost to all parties because it is never really clean. Leadership, particularly in literature, is necessary to drive the hero to his goals and to take credit for a victory.

  • Aesthetic and Philosophical Doctrines: An Analysis of William Butler Yeats.

This undergraduate paper examines William Butler Yeats' aesthetic and philosophical doctrines in the poems, "The Mask", "The Phases of the Moon", and "The Drawing of the Sidhe." The author analyzes these poems in the context of Celticism, symbolism and aesthetics, and discusses their historical backgrounds, respective contexts, content, and style.

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